Blood type O may be associated with better multiple myeloma (MM) outcomes compared with other ABO blood types, despite a similar risk of harboring a high-risk mutation, according to results of study presented at the AACR Annual Meeting 2022.

Findings from a previous study suggest that ABO blood type may influence survival in MM. The aim of this study was further evaluate this potential relationship. The study analyzed data from 1173 patients with MM in the self-reported HealthTree Cure Hub database who reported their blood type.

ABO blood type was significantly associated with the time to next treatment (P =.040), with O blood type associated with the longest duration between lines of therapy with an average of 2027 days compared with 1882 days with AB blood type, 1762 with type A, and 1747 with type B.

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Although there was no significant difference in survival times between ABO blood types, the authors noted that the average survival time of patients with blood type O was 250 days longer than that of the other blood types.

Mutations categorized as high- or standard-risk MM were not associated with ABO blood type.

The authors said that “our results indicated that MM patients with blood type O have a longer survival time on average than patients with blood type A, AB, and B.” They added, “Our results may help lead to further research why despite having similar proportion of patients who are considered high risk.”


Tiu ZM, Sweeney NW, Cheung CS, et al. Relationship of ABO blood groups and length of survival of multiple myeloma patients. Presented at AACR 2022; April 8-13, 2022. Abstract 6286.