Creating calibration curves via dilution in factor VIII (FVIII)-deficient plasma is critical for accurately measuring low levels of FVIII in patients with hemophilia, according to a recent article in Haemophilia. Additionally, analysis of serial dilutions of plasma samples requires predilution in FVIII-deficient plasma to align with requirements for parallelism, and these methods should be generally used for coagulation instruments.

FVIII is a beta globulin involved in clotting. Deficiency in FVIII causes one of the primary types of hemophilia. Monitoring replacement therapy for FVIII requires accurate measurement of FVIII over a wide range of concentrations, but unexplained overestimation of reduced amounts of FVIII can occur with extended half-life recombinant FVIIIs.

In this study, researchers created calibration curves for FVIII with FVIII-deficient plasma or with commercial diluent buffer. They then measured levels of FVIII in FVIII-deficient plasma treated with plasma FVIII, full-length recombinant FVIII (Advate®; Shire, Brussels, Belgium), or 1 of 2 extended half-life recombinant FVIIIs (Afstyla®, CSL Behring, Mechelen, Belgium; and Elocta® , Swedish Orphan Biovitrum, Woluwe Saint-Lambert, Belgium). Additionally, researchers assessed levels of FVIII in samples with added plasma FVIII that were prediluted 2- and 4-fold with either diluent buffer or FVIII-deficient plasma to analyze parallelism.

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Coagulation times from calibration curves created with diluent buffer were higher than those created with FVIII-deficient plasmas. As a result, overestimation of FVIII levels at levels less than 25 IU/dL in samples with added FVIII and of FVIII activity detection (≥ 1 IU/dL) occurred.

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Of note, predilution of samples with diluent buffer instead of FVIII-deficient plasma yielded conflicting results.

The researchers noted that though dilution with the manufacturer-recommended buffer resulted in this overestimation, they did not test other diluent buffers and therefore cannot draw conclusions about how other buffers might affect estimation of FVIII levels.


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