Benign prostatic hyperplasia/urinary retention:

Indications for: PROSCAR

BPH, to improve symptoms and reduce risks of acute urinary retention and need for prostate surgery. To reduce risk of symptomatic progression of BPH, with doxazosin.

Limitations of Use:

Not for the prevention of prostate cancer.

Adult Dosage:

5mg once daily. Reevaluate at 6 months, then periodically.

Children Dosage:

Not applicable.

PROSCAR Contraindications:


PROSCAR Warnings/Precautions:

Not for use in children or females. Pregnant females and those of childbearing potential should avoid handling crushed or broken tabs. Increased risk of high-grade prostate cancer. Monitor prostate specific antigen (PSA) values; double PSA levels for comparison with normal ranges. Rule out prostate cancer and other urological disorders prior to treatment. Monitor for obstructive uropathy. Hepatic impairment.

PROSCAR Classification:

Type II 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor.

Adverse Reactions:

Impotence, decreased libido or ejaculate volume, breast enlargement/tenderness, rash.

Generic Drug Availability:


How Supplied:

Tabs—30, 100