Indications for: ENFALYTE

Oral fluid and electrolyte replacement in mild to moderate diarrhea.

Adults and Children:

<5yrs: see literature. 5–10yrs: may give 1–2 quarts/day. Older children and adults: may give ≥ 2 quarts/day.

ENFALYTE Contraindications:

As sole therapy in severe diarrhea. Intractable vomiting. Adynamic ileus. Intestinal obstruction. Perforated bowel. Anuria. Oliguria. Impaired homeostatic mechanisms.

ENFALYTE Warnings/Precautions:

Adjust intake of other electrolyte containing liquids. Avoid carbonated or fruit drinks. Maintain correct caloric intake.

ENFALYTE Classification:

Fluid & electrolyte replacement.

How Supplied: