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Advances in Treatment and Prevention of Hemophilia A: Takeaways From the 2018 ASH Annual Meeting

Research presented at the 2018 ASH Annual Meeting provided insights into the role of factor VIII as a therapeutic agent for severe hemophilia A.

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Using Diluent Buffer May Lead to Overestimation of Low Factor VIII Levels


Accurate measurement of low factor VIII levels is necessary for proper monitoring of factor VIII replacement therapy.

Clot Waveform Analysis: A Novel Method to Classify Fibrinogen Disorders


Clot waveform analysis of the Clauss fibrinogen assay may allow classification of fibrinogen disorders without measuring fibrinogen antigen levels.

FDA Approval Expands Access to Factor Xa Inhibitor Antidote Andexxa

By Da Hee Han, PharmD

Andexxa was initially granted accelerated approval in May 2018 for patients treated with rivaroxaban or apixaban, when reversal of anticoagulation was needed due to life-threatening or uncontrolled bleeding.

FDA Approves Updated Labeling for Hemophilia A Treatment Novoeight

By Diana Ernst, RPh

The indication has been changed from "control and prevention of bleeding episodes" to "on-demand treatment and control of bleeding episodes" in adults and children with hemophilia A.

Amicar Tablet Generic Gets FDA Approval

By Diana Ernst, RPh

Aminocaprioc Acid Tablets are useful in enhancing hemostasis when fibrolysis contributes to bleeding.

Clinical Diagnosis of Factor V Inhibitors: A Single Institution's Experience


A review of the management and outcomes for patients with autoimmune Factor V (FV) inhibitors.

Factor VIII, Factor IX Levels May Have Predictive Value in Identifying Severity of Hemophilia


Residual plasma levels of clotting factor XIII or factor IX accounted for around 70% of bleeding phenotype in patients with clinically severe hemophilia.